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Kevin Law included on City & State New York’s 2023 Real Estate Power 100 list

Kevin S. Law, Executive Vice President and Partner at TRITEC Real Estate Company

The industry’s most influential developers, policymakers and advocates in New York.

Real estate drives New York. No topic is more hotly debated by New Yorkers than where they live, what they pay and the future of their community’s built environment. This carries over to the halls of power, where land use and housing dominate conversations from City Hall to Albany. This year, housing policy was a top issue for many, but a variety of proposed solutions went bust, with all of the major issues going unaddressed. Only minor housing bills and funding boosts for narrowly focused programs, like rural housing, emerged from Albany.

More broadly, though, the real estate industry remains active. Several large-scale new developments, with significant affordable housing components, were approved in the city. Advocates are making their voices heard loud and clear. Casinos are a key downstate issue, with developers proposing casinos everywhere from Times Square and the top of Saks Fifth Avenue to Coney Island and the Nassau Coliseum. While the commercial sector has been hindered by the rise of remote work, reports of its total demise may be slightly exaggerated.

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