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Our mantra is — and
always has been — to

have fun, win, be nice

Founded in 1986 by brothers Robert and James Coughlan, TRITEC is a family-owned company with deep community ties and extensive experience developing, constructing, and managing real estate. From our roots in Long Island, New York to more recent projects in Northern Virginia, we have built our reputation around exceeding the expectations of our employees and customers, creating quality without compromise, and delivering resounding results with heart.


We are all about growth, both professional and personal. TRITEC is powered by the belief that drive and experience are key to successfully building community, creating value, and growing our team.

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Sustainable Strategy

We take a holistic approach to creating value with economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable strategies that serve communities — both today and tomorrow.

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Family-Inspired Integrity

As a family-owned company, we have close-knit bonds and high expectations. We ask everyone to give all that they’ve got and have fun while they’re at it.



Community Partner

People-focused and results-oriented, we are committed to bettering communities and to creating positive, lasting change for local areas — from Long Island to Northern Virginia.

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We measure our success in terms of communities catalyzed and neighborhoods revitalized. Accolades are a bonus.



Join team TRITEC.

We’re always looking to add the best and brightest commercial real estate development and construction professionals to the TRITEC team.

Greystar is privileged to collaborate with Tritec on a number of multifamily projects on Long Island and Northern Virginia. They are not only rooted in expertise within real estate development but even more importantly they exhibit a strong and caring culture that permeates their organization and creates a welcoming and efficient working environment for their team and their partners. Tritec has proven their ability to create extraordinary living experiences through transforming neighborhoods by building to the highest quality standards, nurturing genuine relationships in the communities they serve, and doing it all with the highest level of integrity and respect.

Kevin Sheehan

Senior Managing Director, Real Estate


Bank of America is honored to be involved in a transformational project such as the Ronkonkoma Hub redevelopment.  The team at Tritec has been terrific to work with from the beginning to project completion.

Betsy Marshall

Senior Vice President

Renderings of Station Square phase 2 of the Ronkonkoma Hub

This development and the work done here in Patchogue is a model of what we need to do across Suffolk County as we seek to build an innovative economy that will attract and retain young people.

Steve Bellone

Suffolk County Executive


TRITEC came and looked at Ronkonkoma, a community that could use some improvement, and had a vision, and they took that vision, and turned it into this. It doesn’t happen overnight. You are the visionaries for Long Island. You are creating the future for Long Island. Instead of sprawl, we should have developments based around our transportation hubs.

Ed Romaine

Brookhaven Town Supervisor

Renderings of Station Square phase 2 of the Ronkonkoma Hub

The pleasure of working with the Coughlans was that they listened; if you look at any angle of the building, it’s the bricks, the colors and attention to detail that stand out. That’s what I appreciated the most, that we are a community and they put those elements in it. New Village has changed Patchogue; it has made it what you see. Patchogue is the place to come to and New Village is in the middle of all of it.

Paul Pontieri



New Village appears in mind when we consider the resurgence of downtown Patchogue. TRITEC invested over $112 Million at a time when reviving Patchogue was just a concept and believed in our community when many did not. Now, TRITEC’s New Village of Patchogue stands tall as the centerpiece of our downtown. Even further, TRITEC is a true community partner supporting countless community betterment and charitable endeavors while continuing to maintain high-quality tenants. TRITEC and New Village at Patchogue is everything they promised they would be and more.

David Kennedy

Executive Director


We embraced this project from concept because they said working with TRITEC is a pleasure. When you work with professionals they make a beautiful project like the Shipyard come to fruition.

Margot Garant


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