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Jimmy Coughlan Joins Long Island Business News’ 30 Under 30

Jimmy Coughlan at the 30 Under 30 Awards with Long Island Business News

Congratulations to Jimmy Coughlan for being recognized by Long Island Business News in their 30 Under 30 list. The 30 Under 30 awards honor the bright and dynamic young professionals who are under the age of 30, who contribute to the Long Island community through public service and who have made significant strides in business.

Jimmy Coughlan serves as vice president of development at TRITEC where he is involved with all apects of the development process, focusing on financial analysis, acquisitions, dispositions, refinancing, and portfolio management.

Growing up seeing firsthand the positive impact and improvements that TRITEC has made to communities in the New York and Washington, D.C. area has given him a deep understanding of and appreciation for the company and the development industry. Early on, he recognized how providing people with great places to live, work, and play can serve as a foundation for happy, healthy, and sustainable living, and he knew he wanted to be part of creating that change.

Prior to joining TRITEC, Coughlan worked as an investment analyst at Colony Capital, Inc. in the U.S. direct investments team. He graduated from Brown University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Entrepreneurship and Organization, and received his master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Georgetown University.

He believes himself fortunate to work with a team that is dedicated to making Long Island and Northern Virginia better places to live, and notes, “The positivity and sense of purpose in our office are contagious.”

Coughlan spent a summer in high school working on the construction site at New Village at Patchogue, and when he left for college, he was unaware of the impact that project would have on the surrounding area. Now, he says, “Watching the revitalization of that town inspired me to start a career in real estate with hopes of rejoining TRITEC in the future.”

As far as the future, Coughlan believes that companies looking to build a strong staff need to consider what matters to employees, especially in the wake of the current labor shortages. He notes that walkability is becoming increasingly important, especially when attracting young people. “Millennials want to work in a place that has lunch options, happy hour options, and other young people nearby. It’s not easy to convince young professionals to work in a traditional office park,” he maintains.

He thinks the medical sector will continue to be a bright spot in our economy, and believes that East Side Access should incentivize companies in other sectors to open offices on Long Island. “It’s important that we focus on continued infrastructure investment and pro-business legislation to attract new businesses and prevent our existing companies from moving elsewhere,” he concludes.

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