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Long Island’s Future with Matt Cohen: Keeping Young Professionals on LI – What Will It Take?

Kelley Coughlan-Heck

Last week’s episode of the Long Island Association’s podcast, Long Island’s Future with Matt Cohen, explores the current issues impacting our region’s housing and affordability with Kelley Coughlan-Heck, Vice President of Development at TRITEC, and Daniel Lloyd, Founder and President of Minority Millennials.

Due to the high cost of living and low housing supply on Long Island, many young people are leaving the area to work and live elsewhere. “There is indeed a shortage of rental housing on Long Island, and that in turn has detrimental cost of living implications. Our high cost of living here and our lack of adequate housing options are one of the reasons that have led to this ‘exodus’ of both younger and older populations from the island. Without an increase in the supply of rental options, our economy is certainly prone to stagnation.” Coughlan-Heck explained.

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