On behalf of the Families of TWA flight 800, Eleanor and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for all you have done to breathe life into our Memorial dream. Without your help, I
don’t know how the Flight 800 Memorial would ever have been created.

We appreciate that this project presented very unique and significant challenges, and are grateful to you for your considerable expertise, your quiet professional strength, and your steadfast commitment. It is not surprising that., under your leadership, Tritec’s construction division is so successful.

Ne -Vere sorry that you and your family were unable to attend the Dedication ceremonies, because we would have liked very much to introduce you to the many families who attended. We know they would have enjoyed the chance to meet and thank you. But, we were happy to hear that you and your family did get a chance to see the completed Memorial later in the summer.

Again, we want to thank you and your staff for your kindness, considerable talents, and perseverance with our Memorial project. We especially appreciate your making Frank Gray available to help us. He was terrific; a very effective professional and a compassionate and understanding person. It was an honor for us to meet and work with all the folks in your organization.

I look forward to seeing you again and thanking you in person. Meanwhile know that you are often in our thoughts and always remembered in warm regard.