I would like you to know how delightful it was to work with Bub Can1evalie these past several years in connection with the construction of the Five Towns College Living/Learning Center.

Not only does Bob possess an incredible range of professional knowledge and expertise, but he has an affable demeanor that makes working with him a pleasure. Even during the most difficult phases of construction, Bob demonstrated strong leadership skills and an incredible responsiveness to the vast array of constituents on this campus. Indeed, there were many times when he orchestrated an army of contractors and subcontractors, while simultaneously addressing the concerns of senior College officials and demanding students alike.

I recall one particularly challenging phase when we unexpectedly faced the possibility of stop­work order that would result in a protracted construction delay. Bob moved quickly to marshal all of the resources necessary to button-up our project in record time before the order was served, thereby protecting our substantial investment and the integrity of the construction already in progress. After the injunction was lifted, the College’s losses were significantly reduced because of Bob’s experience and fast thinking.

Bob was a positive force on this campus for so many years, that most campus constituents thought he worked for the College. “Bob the Building” we call him. Many students and faculty members were surprised when construction began to wrap-up and Bob began transitioning to other Tritec projects. He may not be with us everyday, but the residence halls that have his imprimatur will stand for generations as a testament to his contributions to this campus community.

I want to personally thank you for selecting Bob Carnevalle to work with us. You made an excellent selection, and he did a wonderful job. We look forward to working with you, Bob, and the entire Tritec family again in the near future.