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Wingate Inn, Commack

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TRITEC Building Company was hired as the construction manager to build a five-story, 111 room hotel for Commack Hospitality, LLC. The 59,000 sq.ft. building was built using a prefabricated structural metal stud framing system and precast plank decks for the entire structure. The hotel is off of the Sagtikos Parkway, where the parkway intersects the Long Island Expressway.

The EFIS system provides a stunning exterior look while being durable and energy-efficient. The site presented challenges, including the construction of an extensive off-site sewer connection to handle waste discharge.

Amenities include an indoor fitness room and spa, and limited food service.

Size and Info

  • Metro Area: NY-NJ-CT metropolitan area
  • Total SF: 59,000 Square Feet
  • Contract: Cost plus Fee, No GMP
  • Owner: Commack Hospitality, LLC
  • Architect: Robert Gruber, AIA


801 Crooked Hill Road,
Brentwood, NY