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Tower Fasteners

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TRITEC Building Company worked as construction manager for Tower Fasteners project in Holtsville, Long Island, New York. TRITEC worked extensively on the infrastructure of the existing facility, including a complicated masonry remediation plan replacing more than 1,000 sq.ft. of the Brick facade. Once this work was complete phased renovations of the lobby, common, and executive areas could be completed. During construction, the scope expanded to include various improvements such as the painting of the entire warehouse facility, upgrades in the conference room, and both the employee and executive lounge.

Upgrades also included the addition of millwork panels that extend through the entire facility. The building remained open the whole time, and the project was completed without incident.

Size and Info

  • Metro Area: NY-NJ-PA metropolitan area
  • Total SF: 15,000 Square Feet
  • Contract: GMP contract with shared savings
  • Owner: Tower Fasteners
  • Architect: William F. Collins, AIA


1690 N Ocean Ave,
Holtsville, NY