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TRITEC – Reimagining Real Estate

Rendering of public outdoor space at Station Yards

In its nearly four-decade history, TRITEC Real Estate Company has evolved from a builder of commercial properties into a developer of vibrant mixed-used communities at the forefront of downtown revitalization on Long Island.

Founded in 1986 by James and Robert Coughlan, TRITEC Real Estate has adapted its business model over the years, focusing more and more on the growing demand for thriving mixed-use projects. Today, TRITEC endeavors to create communities that offer the next level of hybrid living, seamlessly integrating home life, workspace and leisure.

For many years, TRITEC was synonymous with industrial, office and medical development, building about 15 million square feet of space, including hospitality, assisted living, and ambulatory surgical centers throughout the island. TRITEC continues to build these product types for select clients.

“In 2003, we started to explore the need for mixed-use and multifamily on Long Island,” says Christopher Kelly, vice president of marketing.

This strategic shift was in response to the continual exodus of young professionals from Long Island due to a lack of affordable and diverse housing options, notes Kelley Heck, executive vice president and lead developer of TRITEC’s Station Yards and Shoregate projects.

“They’re the ones that are going to be occupying our region’s office and industrial space and become the next generation of workers,” Heck says.

“So, if we can’t keep that younger population around, we need to rethink what we’re doing.”

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