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North Suffolk Cardiology Office Expansion and Renovation: A Tailored Approach for Specialty Spaces

PET machine at North Suffolk Cardiology

North Suffolk Cardiology, a leading healthcare provider in cardiac care, recently undertook a significant expansion and renovation project at its 23,753 square feet of medical space at 45 Research Way East Setauket, NY. The project included many complexities and unique challenges, and TRITEC Building Company employed many innovative solutions to complete the renovation in an occupied building successfully.

The expansion and renovation of 17,684 square feet of North Suffolk Cardiology’s office space was a multifaceted project designed to enhance patient care and accommodate advanced medical technologies. The project included the construction of several specialized rooms, including a state-of-the-art PET/CT Scanner, cardiac rehabilitation facilities, patient consultation areas, and staff offices. The primary challenge was the renovation took place across three separate office suites, one occupied, forcing the team to execute the construction in a fully operational medical facility with minimal disruption to daily operations and patient care. The PET/CT Scanner replaced an older PET machine in the lower of the building. The GE Omni PET/CT, a new model with the latest features and technology, was the first of its kind installed on Long Island. Installation required precise construction techniques to ensure compatibility with sensitive medical equipment and challenges associated with getting the equipment into the building. Close collaboration between the construction team, North Suffolk Cardiology staff, and equipment manufacturers ensured that all aspects of the project were seamlessly integrated.

The project was successfully completed within the stipulated timeline, with minimal impact on the daily operations of North Suffolk Cardiology. The newly renovated office space now boasts advanced facilities, including a cutting-edge PET/CT suite, offering an enhanced patient and staff experience. The North Suffolk Cardiology office expansion and renovation project is a testament to the effectiveness of strategic planning, innovative construction techniques, and collaborative effort in transforming healthcare spaces.