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Long Islander Kevin Law, Chair of Empire State Development Board, Is NY State’s ‘Mr. Long Island’

Kevin S. Law, Executive Vice President and Partner at TRITEC Real Estate Company

Kevin Law is among the best-known and most influential Long Islanders in government who have never been elected. Law joined Tritec Real Estate Co. in April 2021 as executive vice president and partner, as well as impacting Long Island through numerous high-ranking volunteer positions.

“The only job I saw a paycheck from is Tritec,” Law said. “All the other things are volunteer.”

The former chief of the Long Island Association has been chair of the Long Island Housing Partnership for 14 years and chair of the Stony Brook University Council for 13. Gov. Kathy Hochul last year appointed him chairman of the Urban Development Corporation, DBA Empire State Development.

“I have a deep commitment to public service in my DNA,” Law said in his East Setauket office. “I spent most of my career in the private sector, but a good portion of it in the public sector.”

Sometimes called “Mr. Long Island” Law has a long history of serving in positions that have helped shape Long Island, from Suffolk County government and the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) to the Long Island Association (LIA) and beyond.

“I have a deep commitment to Long Island, our state, and making the region better,” he said. “That’s why I stay involved in all these organizations.”

Governors have often reached out to Law to take key posts. And Law has added new positions with successive administrations.

“The last four governors have asked me to serve in different capacities,” he said. “They sort of viewed me as one of their key Long Island advisors.”

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