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Independent Retailer Month

Aerial view of The Wel at Lindenhurst

At TRITEC, we live by the tagline, “Strengthening Communities Together.” As part of this commitment, we make investments in the communities where we live and work. By supporting the small businesses in our communities, we can help build an authentic and vibrant place. It is Independent Retailer Month, and as we all know, shopping and dining locally is the most direct way to help businesses thrive. If you also believe in supporting local businesses, here are a few other things you can do to help them flourish.

Follow on Social Media

Follow your local businesses on social media. Some guests will visit a restaurant or store because a large following makes it seem popular and credible. As special offers, events, and discounts are shared on their social accounts, following the business could help save you money or answer the age-old question, “What should we eat for dinner tonight?”. Following on Instagram is especially helpful for local store owners because it is one of the most popular ways to communicate via social media. The more followers that a business has, the wider its reach is, meaning that more people will see its posts. When businesses reach 10,000 Instagram followers, they can include links in their Stories. These links allow users to visit relevant web pages where they’ll find information or can make a purchase. A direct route to the checkout page can help your local retailers increase sales.

Recommendations and Reviews

Recommendations can help build a customer base for a local business. Tell everyone you know about the places you love. Recommend restaurants to your neighbors, and tell friends and family about buying from local stores online. Post pictures of your purchases, and mention or tag where you got them. You don’t have to be an “influencer” to make an impact. If only your hundred friends see it, a cute top is still a cute top. Your social connections are most likely friends or business associates, and a recommendation from you is a recommendation from a trusted source.

Leaving an online review is also incredibly important for marketing a local business. Reviews help businesses rank higher in search engines and show up in local searches. In addition, a positive review is often a deciding factor for someone choosing whether they want to visit or buy from your favorite local shop or restaurant.

Attend Events

Businesses participate in events for many reasons, and sharing your participation can help them garner attention. Many events support local charities and community members in need, so you can attend for fun and feel good about doing so. Businesses frequently hold more intimate events, for example, cooking classes, workouts, meditation sessions, or art workshops, depending on your interests.

Supporting local businesses strengthens your community, and having a thriving downtown nearby increases your property value. Below are some of the great businesses we have worked with in different communities. Please take a minute to follow some of them.

Bay Shore



Port Jefferson