We are virtually at the end of our renovation project and I wanted to thank you and Rich for helping us get through this. We are very satisfied with the level of professionalism which has been shown by your organization. You have certainly managed to stay reasonably close to our projected timing and the product you have delivered is, for the most part, entirely satisfactory. The few small outstanding items that need to be corrected I feel confident will be dealt with.

My real purpose in writing this letter is to compliment Vinny on his work. You are probably aware, at least as much as I am, of what an important cog he is in your wheel. Vinny was the foreman on our project and has been extremely responsible, professional and has done anything and everything we have asked of him. We have managed to keep our practice running and advance the project as quickly as possible primarily due to Vinny’s efforts. My staff has found him appropriate and pleasant to deal with and he has had a great respect for our need to continue to function as a medical practice while construction was in progress. It is clear that all the trades that work for you take him quite seriously and he seems to have everyone very responsive to his instructions. I felt that Vinny performed, at times, well above what one could reasonably expect. Were I to design the perfect construction foreman, I think Vinny would probably surpass that ideal. You are very fortunate to have him in your organization. We are actually going to miss having him around here. My thanks to you.