• Multi-Family

The Jameson

  • Multi-Family
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TRITEC's Vice President of Marketing Chris Kelly sits on a panel with Brandon Palanker of 3BL Strategies, Gary Lewi of Rubenstein, David Winzelberg of Long Island Business News moderated by David Pennetta of Cushman and Wakefield.
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TRITEC Development Group developed 333 residential housing units at 20725 Wood Quay Drive in Dulles, Northern Virginia. The new apartments are on the western most portion of Kincora, a 424-acre mixed-use development project being done by TRITEC. The building borders a 165-acre preserve with miles of walking trails and has access to the Broad Run River.  Kincora is at the intersection of two main arterial roadways, Route 28 and Route 7, and is less than 5 miles from Dulles Airport.

The facility is four and five stories with concrete on the first floor and Lower Level and wood-frame construction above.  The building wraps a precast structured garage with 543 spaces with EV charging stations.

TRITEC Building Company acted as the Owner's Representative on the project.

For property and leasing information, please visit https://thejameson.com/

Size and Info

  • Units: 333

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20725 Wood Quay Dr
Dulles, VA 20166