Brookhaven Technology Center

Project HistoryIn August of 1999, TRITEC Development Group acquired 9 parcels of land totaling approximately 47 acres in a defunct industrial park then known as the Brookhaven R&D Plaza. All 9 parcels are zoned L1- Light Industrial and are located in a Compatible Growth Area and in a designated Empire Zone.

Project Size:47 Acres
Location:Shirley NY

TRITEC developed and implemented a plan to revitalize and rebrand the park. The plan included; renaming the park to the Brookhaven Technology Center (BTC); getting the Department of Energy to take responsibility to clean up environmental problems caused by Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL); getting the Town of Brookhaven’s Economic Development Corporation to complete the road, electric, water and gas service; creating town of Brookhaven Sewer District #2; arranging for the Sewer District to be fully funded $9,370,000 through the Federal Stimulus Plan and the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation; landscaping all of the weed strewn common areas.