Wait for the ship to come in

May 12 Tritec

Thank you to everyone who has written letters, signed up on our website and contacted us personally to express their thoughts about The Shipyard apartment project. For those skeptical about the scale and design, please try and reserve judgment. The Shipyard will be a vast improvement to the abandoned motel that had sat vacant and deteriorating on the property for years.

heritageThe Shipyard was designed to comply with all applicable zoning and building codes. No variances were requested or granted for this project. The overall design utilizes the slope of the property which was excavated to make room for the garage level. When completed, a beautifully landscaped lawn will be bermed up to conceal the parking below the building. The height of the building, 35 feet above the average finished grade, is harmonious with Danford’s, the Barnum House apartments, and other multi-use, multiple-story buildings located in the Village. The shape of the building breaks up long, monotonous hallways and offers variation in façade that reduces scale. The Shipyard’s design inspiration came from current and historic architecture throughout Port Jefferson along with suggestions from the Planning Board.

The building meets or exceeds all applicable zoning setback requirements. In fact, the building is setback nearly 40 feet from the road, thus allowing for a heavily landscaped garden to enhance West Broadway and convey a less dominating presence for pedestrians and motorists. A natural stone wall, similar to the wall on the neighboring historic Drowned Meadow House, will accentuate the landscaping along the sidewalk. The portion of Mill Creek bisecting the site to the south will be beautified and restored, consistent with the Village’s Mill Creek Watershed Management Plan.

Further, all storm water runoff generated by impervious surfaces will be retained on-site and recharged to groundwater via an extensive on-site drainage system. The project will not have any adverse impacts on flooding and sea level rise.

When completed, The Shipyard will be a significant improvement both financially and aesthetically. Residents of The Shipyard are projected to inject approximately $2.6 million in annual spending within the immediate area, directly benefiting local businesses. The abandoned Islander Boat Center and the shoddy Heritage Inn motel were eyesores to those entering the Village from the west — magnates for crime and deteriorating property values. Kindly reserve judgment on the project until construction is completed. The Shipyard will be a beautiful enhancement to the Village’s western gateway.