Two of the biggest priorities we have on Long Island are making sure our region is a place where businesses can succeed and where young professionals can raise their families. And today we have a project that really speaks to both. TRITEC Real Estate Company, a family-owned business that was born here, grew here and has succeeded here. It shows that we can do it. Thank you Bob and Jim, your family, and the entire team at TRITEC.

And they’ve given us a project, with the help of all their partners, that’ll make it more appealing for young professionals to stay here and raise their families. This is exactly the type of thing that we talk about all the time and here, like Jim said about the Governor, we are walking the walk, TRITEC and its partners are walking the walk, just like they’ve done at numerous developments throughout Long Island. And as the county executive said, this is a project that has transcended political party, it has transcended municipal boundaries, and proven that if we all work together, we can create something special.