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Governor Cuomo expands the use of Design-Build

Governor Cuomo is proposing legislation to give all state agencies and county-level governments outside of New York City authority to use design-build as a construction project delivery method. Many people outside of the construction field are unaware there are different project delivery methods. To simplify the explanation of the methods, it helps to understand there are three principal parties

Construction Management vs General Contractor

When you begin your next construction project, you may find yourself asking 'What is the difference between a general contractor (GC) and a construction manager (CM)?' Although GCs and CMs are both considered the primary contractors on a construction job, there are fundamental differences between these two roles. Let's walk through some of the benefits and disadvantages related to each

Long Island is a great home for hotels

Long Island has breathtaking beaches, numerous golf courses and world-renowned wineries. It is the perfect destination for your next vacation, whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, taking in the gorgeous scenery, playing golf, or spending a day tasting local wines. What’s more, families can enjoy the amusement parks that Long Island has to offer, such as Splish Splash or Adventure Land.