Long Island Wants You!

July 06 Ashley Dominguez

For a recent college graduate finding a job can one of the most strenuous and daunting tasks, but keep in mind Long Island wants you! Despite recent stigma, many graduates are finding jobs in their career fields, particularly in-high demand areas, such as engineering and education according to the New York Federal analysis of Census Bureau data.

Long Island natives who are recent college graduates also on the job hunt are under the same stress as the rest of the Nation’s class of 2015. With the high cost of housing and student loans financially viable options are something that the graduates seek.

Knowing where to look and keeping some things in mind while looking could be the key to job-hunt success. In a recent report for Suffolk County’s quarterly census of employment and wages for the previous year 2013-2014, the largest industry on Long Island was construction; with 6,784 reporting units in Suffolk County alone the industry is certainly budding. The report included figures for specialty trade contractors, which has the most positions in the construction industry currently reporting 4,529. Long Island’s overall employment has grown 8.9% since 2010 for all occupations, some industries that are experiencing rapid growth include computer sciences with 14.9%, and personal care/ service with 24.2%.

The industries you look at are important, but there are other key factors that could help any recent college graduate become the most desirable candidate for the job.  Networking will help you greatly when it comes to finding a career path. Utilizing your network is often your most valuable tool when it comes to job-hunting. The faster you understand the power of networking and what it takes to build and maintain a professional network the more useful your network becomes.

A far better approach to churning out resume after resume is to reach out to people, or contacts of people that you know. Connecting with people beyond the cover letter is an impressive way to get someone’s attention so they remember you. Director of Human Resources and Office Operations for TRITEC Real Estate Company, Gloria Poulmentis states “tapping resources with professors and networking based on your industry are extremely helpful, there are often untapped resources that you may not be aware of and utilizing them will be beneficial.” Gloria also goes on to talk about the positives of doing an internship at a company, which will help grow your network, as well as provide experience and knowledge.

A network is not only something that will help you get a job, but something that will help you keep, and succeed at your job. A network with real relationships is something that will improve your success, throughout your entire career.