Have fun, Win, Be nice with Ashley Dominguez

November 12 Ashley Dominguez

For a couple of months this summer I was able to have the opportunity to intern at TRITEC Real Estate Co. and the experience was nothing short of inspirational. During my time at TRITEC I was able to learn and gain experience that I would have not gained elsewhere. I was able to join my mentor, Christopher Kelly on meetings, visit job sites and learn first hand what he and other employees of TRITEC face day in and day out. 

Accompanying Mr. Kelly was a great experience on its own. He was able to share his insight, intellect and provide crucial advice to me in my business dealings. He never failed to mention Salesforce Benefits of implementing a CRM software to help in maintaining a proper customer base. But that was not the only great occurrence that I was able to participate in daily. I had the wonderful opportunity to understand and live by TRITEC’s motto “Have fun, Win, Be nice” which proved more than useful at my time at the company. The motto became something other than just a guideline; it became a way of conducting my daily activities.

At TRITEC I was able to become part of a team. The offices there are composed of a unique group of individuals. Each member of the team provides an advantage to the company as a whole, and each lives by the motto. During my time at the internship I was able to meet and work with tons of TRITEC’s employees who were extremely helpful and supportive. They too use the conduct their daily activities with TRITEC’s motto in mind, having fun with what they were doing daily, laughing and enjoying one another’s company, as well as infusing the office with a great atmosphere that was truly an astonishing place to work. Each team member never forgets the objective of his or her task, to succeed and win. They all do it effortlessly, and always incorporate a smile, kindness, and being nice in every action they take.

A team that win’s is a team that everyone wants to be apart of, but when that team does their winning in a way that is polite, and graceful you couldn’t ask to be apart of a better team. The TRITEC motto “Have fun, Win, Be Nice” are not only words that the Coughlan family and their skilled team have on a plaque in their offices, but words of advice that will never fail you. I became an involved member of the TRITEC team and I am thrilled that my internship experience was one that not only taught me principles of business, marketing and public relations, but left me with the best piece of advice I could have asked for, have fun, win, be nice.

Photo by Nicole Allegrezza / Long Island Advance