Have Fun, Win, Be Nice with Brian Sherlock

October 03 Brian Sherlock

Interning at TRITEC this summer has been an uplifting experience. I was given the opportunity to be part of a prestigious company, which has given me ample experience to use going forward in my career path. The moment I walked into the office, I could sense the positive energy and friendly environment that I was in. The entire TRITEC team was very welcoming, making me feel at home while interning for the summer.

TRITEC is set apart from other companies because of their attitude. They are respectful, diligent, motivated and most of all care about each others’ success. I spent most of my time with Chris Kelly in the marketing department. Each day I learned something new. Whether it was involving excel projects, blogging, or getting ready for a groundbreaking, we had fun with it. At TRITEC, the motto is “Have Fun, Win, Be Nice. This is not just a saying; it is their culture and how they go about their business.

The TRITEC team has fun while working hard and achieving their goals. Their successes are celebrated and their relationships with each other are strong. It is not only a company, but a family. Everyone works together to achieve a common goal. The positive interaction, humor, and excitement create an environment capable of exceeding all expectations. They pride themselves on being great people, great employees, and great friends. This is a winning combination and this positive outlook and approach has proven to be a dominant formula for the success of the company.

Winning means a lot more than being on top. At TRITEC it doen’t necessarily matter that you win, but how you won. Did the client come first? Did you have a positive attitude? This is what makes up the true meaning of the word “Win” for TRITEC.

In my experience, whether being part of a golf outing or a groundbreaking, everyone was nice. TRITEC builds strong relationships with the people in their community. They not only build the relationship, but they sustain it and that is what separates them from other companies. They have the upmost respect for everyone they work with and it shows.

This summer has provided me with the experience, knowledge and tools I will need in order to continue my journey through the commercial real estate sector. I thank TRITEC and their entire team for the opportunities they have given me.