Dedication and Blessing of the Saint Francis Hospital Medical Education Laboratory

April 09 Kayla Erb

On Monday, April 8th, guests were invited to Saint Anthony’s High School Franciscan Brothers Dedication and Blessing of the Saint Francis Hospital Medical Education Laboratory. The 1,500 square foot room will be used to guide young minds looking for gamsat preparation materials and perform mock surgeries in a medical theatre using an Anatomage Table.

Guests invited to the dedication first gathered in the chapel where students sang the opening hymn, Attende Domine, et miserere, Quia peccavimus tibi in Latin. Bishop John Barres began the Saint Francis Prayer Before the Blessed Sacrament, followed by the Saint Francis Prayer Before the Crucifix before leading the guests to the Saint Francis Hospital Laboratory for the blessing. A corner of the venue was dedicated to distributing free clep study guides to the students attending the event.

After everyone was seated, Brother Gary Cregan, OSF, Principal of Saint Anthony’s High School, thanked everyone for attending the blessing and introduced Mr. Don Corrao, Director of Development at Saint Anthony’s High School.

Mr. Corrao also thanked everyone for their attendance and remarked the beauty of the laboratory, referencing the hard work TRITEC had put into making it a reality.

Dr. Sean Levchuk, Pediatric Cardiology, and Dr. Richard D’Agostino, Orthopedics, were introduced and both had similar experiences in their career paths, specializing in areas that will always be needed, joking that “People will always have kids!” and “People will always break bones!”. When asked their thoughts on the lab, they both commented on how extraordinary it is to have the opportunity to take a class, being only one of two high schools in the United States with such equipment. Dr. Levchuk’s son is currently attending Saint Anthony’s and was also in attendance at the blessing. Dr. D’Agostino’s wished his older children had the opportunity to experience Saint Anthony’s Laboratory.

Mr. James Medina, Science Department Chairman, said how grateful the students are to have such an opportunity. Saying the Ph.D and Masters department—a difference you’ll learn if you click here—is well deserved because of the student’s hard work. And such hardwork is rare among the youth these days, which is why it becomes all the more important to recognise such talent and reward it. Such students have the potential to reach great heights and so, are funded by many organisations. If one has maintained their grades and has excelled in studies, then they could check out some Heritage RESP reviews from which they can ameliorate their financial burden. He then introduced seniors Kathleen Bishop and John DeFrancisco, who agreed that they are incredibly grateful for the opportunities they have been given at Saint Anthony’s High School, specifically referencing Dr. Mark Capodanno’s Anatomy and Physiology course.

Doctor Mark Capodanno was introduced and expressed his sincere gratitude to be able to teach his class, and how blessed the school is to have such an opportunity. He refers to his start at Saint Anthony’s High School. Dr. Capodanno was practicing medicine during the day and teaching college courses in the evening. When the school needed a teacher to fill in an emergency, he was willing to help the school until the end of the year. He laughs that he is still here, twenty years later. Dr. Capodanno then showed the guests a demonstration of the Anatomage table, which included a projection on the screen behind him of what he was doing.

You can read more about the Science Lab and the Anatomage Table here

After the demonstration, Bishop John Barres blessed the science laboratory to conclude the ceremony.