49 Wireless Boulevard Hauppauge exterior

On behalf of everyone here at Duralee, we would like to thank you for your hard work and effort to build our new offices here in Hauppauge. You did a great job and got us moved in at break-neck speed. We greatly appreciate it.

Bill Kelly
Chief Information Officer
On behalf of
Marty Rosenberger, Lee Silberman, Amy Benjamin and everyone here at Duralee

6 Technology exterior

I just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Vinnie Tanico has done on this project. It was a real challenge to accomplish a project of this scope without disrupting an extremely busy office. During the course of construction I did not have a single complaint from staff, physicians or patients. He kept everything organized and on time, actively managed the sub contractors in the area to ensure everything remained professional and quiet and was always aware of the comfort of patients and staff who needed to be in the area. When I came into the office after they were working an evening or Saturday, I couldn’t even tell that there had been any construction happening. I know that Vinnie personally cleaned up after the subs were done everyday. Additionally, he checked in with me daily to keep me apprised of where the project was at and any issues and regularly walked me through the space so I could see the progress, patiently answering any questions I had. I am sure you know what an asset he is to TRITEC already, but I just wanted to let you know what an excellent job I think he has done on this project.

Elsa Singh, CPC
Practice Manager
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine


On behalf of Community Ambulance Company I would like to thank TRITEC Building Company for constructing our new headquarters, which we moved into in October of last year. From our initial meeting to discuss the project, through the entire design phase and finally the actual construction, TRITEC proved again and again that we had made the correct choice for the construction and knew that our expectations would be met. The team TRITEC had on site was knowledgeable and my dealings with Dave Madison always resulted in me leaving the construction site knowing we had the best people “running the job”.

Chris Spina, as Project Manager, was not only a pleasure to deal with, but was accommodating to our every need, and handled every issue the project faced with the utmost professionalism; always offering a solution. He held weekly and bi weekly meetings with our committee to review every design aspect and brought each trade to the table for discussions on the many phases of construction. His planning and overseeing of the project resulted in the building being completed on time (based on the brutal winter), and under budget.

Additionally, since we took possession of the building Chris has been there for every problem that has arisen (including on his own time) and seen that the problem was resolved to our satisfaction. He has been a tremendous asset in supporting Community Ambulance Company in understanding all the mechanical systems in the building as well as being the “go too guy” for any questions we have.

I apologize for this letter not being sent sooner and again would like to thank the entire TRITEC organization for giving Community Ambulance Company our new headquarters. Since we took possession, the building has become a home away from home for our members and we have responded to over 2500 alarms since moving in (of significance is that Community Ambulance Company has handled everyone of these alarms without the assistance of any other EMS agency; something never before done in Suffolk County).

In closing I would like to state that Community Ambulance Company would recommend TRITEC Building Company, Inc. to anyone who asks and that you are free to have any potential clients contact me for said recommendation.

Marc MacDonell
Treasurer / Chairman Building Committee
Community Ambulance Company of Sayville

Lifes_worc_cafe_shareI wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all of the staff at TRITEC who were involved with the construction of our Family Center for Autism.

This project certainly proved to be a challenge, given the building was almost 100 years old and everything from floors to ceilings and walls had surprises behind them. However, the team you assembled to work collaboratively withus ensured the final product met and exceeded our expectations. The projectsupervisors, particularly Vin Tanico, had a keen attention to the details andprovided close oversight and control of the many various trades working onany given day.

Our vision for what was intended for this space has been achieved and we continue to receive many compliments from all who visit or utilize this newly renovated space.

It was a pleasure working with the TRITEC team.

Neal Schweifel
Assistant Executive Director / COO
The Family Center for Autism

Bellport_Primay_lobby-300x200It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference on behalf of TRITEC Real Estate. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center engaged the services of TRITEC in early 2013 as a general contractor to construct our Bellport Primary Care Center, an approximately 4,000 square foot medical facility. From the initial contact throughout the completion of the project, TRITEC and its representatives were professional, responsive and accommodating. Workmanship and quality met and/or exceeded our expectations and the project was completed within the established timeline.

Richard T. Margulis
President & Chief Executive Officer
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center

St.-Anthony-Night-ExteriorPlease accept the following as a Letter of Reference for Ken Abrami, Tom Corona and Frank Gray of TRITEC Building Company for their efforts as Project Executive, Senior Project Manager and Project Superintendent for our recently completed Saint Anthony’s High School Student Center.

Saint Anthony’s High School was so fortunate to have TRITEC Building Company accept this project because the level of professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional. We were so blessed to have Ken Abrami ensure good and quick communication existed between Saint Anthony’s, TRITEC Building Company and the seventy or so unions which were employed on this project. To have a man like Tom Corona take such a personal interest in ensuring this project would come under budget and on time is extraordinary. How many projects in the New York metropolitan area can be given a reasonable assurance that the cost would be contained and most importantly that it be completed before the projected date! Lastly, Frank Gray was so valuable in handling potential difficulties associated with building a 145,000 square foot student center on a living high school campus where 2,500 students were interested in seeing the project, entering the pit, and potentially discovering their future vocations as architects, engineers, electricians and builders! At no point did any of these three men ever view this project as anything less than an extension of the school’s mission to educate our young men and women.

This project team’s attention to detail, quality, cost and schedule were the reason for the success of this very complex project. The only characteristics that outshone their management skills were their honesty and professionalism from Preconstruction to project completion.

The cumulative efforts of Ken Abrami, Tom Corona and Frank Gray are sure to make any project that you may

Brother Gary Cregan

St. Anthony’s High School

Eppindorf North America LobbyI wanted to touch base now that the project is complete to thank the entire team at TRITEC for a masterful job in the design and delivery of our new North American headquarters facility. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with your team and, I have to say, several of our employees are probably getting sick of my referencing examples of good business practice that I’ve observed at Tritec as we have internal discussions about the ways we might approach certain elements of our own business.

We jumped into this project as I’d assume many of your clients do, with almost impossibly tight timeframes combined with high expectations for the finished result. While several companies promised that they could do the job, we decided to partner with your organization based on the quality of the people we met, the time they took to understand our needs, and a level of detail in their proposals that showed us that they were listening to what we were saying and that they had a plan to deliver on our vision. With our new offices, lab, and training facilities complete and delivered on time, we couldn’t be happier with the final result or the decision we made to partner with TRITEC.

With a project of this scope, there are several people who deserve recognition, but it’s the onsite team that sees all of the visions and commitments through to completion. Once the construction project got underway, Scott Motekew and Frank Gray took full control and made sure that the literally thousands of elements that have to come together to complete a project like ours did so. Every time we visited the facility, often unannounced, we’d find Frank and Scott hard at work with the various trades and contractors who were often working side-by-side to get things done within the times detailed in the project plan. While our weekly on-site project meetings were useful in the sense that they kept us in the loop, it quickly became apparent that Scott and Frank had a level of control and communication established with all parties that would keep the project solidly “on track”. These guys are true hands-on professionals who take their work and their word seriously.

It’s been a pleasure working with TRITEC to this point and we look forward to a long and happy tenancy here at 102 Motor Parkway. If I can ever be of assistance to you or your team, or if someone wants to ask me about our experience with TRITEC, I hope you’ll feel free to give me a call.

Joe Crowely
President & CEO

Samson_exterior-1Samson Technologies has recently moved operations to Hauppauge, New York located at 45 Gilpin Avenue. Relocating presents numerous challenges to keep business moving forward and require high levels of efficiency and cooperation between all parties. TRITEC built our new 120,000 square foot facility with office and warehouse. The job was complex, and we were pleased with the result.

Jack Knight
VP Operations
Samson Technologies

Mather Hospital MRI

It is with pleasure that I report comments of excellence to you about your Supervisor for the construction and installation, at MRI and Physical Therapy.

Mr. Vincent Tanico is the most diligent and responsible contractor representative in any position, ever asigned to this Hospital. As TRITEC’s Construction Supervisor, Mr. Tanico is always giving of his time. He is creative in approach, and always sensitive to the difficult tasks or renovations,especially needed in buildings like ours, now retrofit by TRITEC to house high tech gear and a new MRI.

When a latent condition occurred it is Mr. Tanico that keeps the flow of the construction, on time and within our budget. His abilities to shift attention to conditions that are not planned , bring the right subcontractor in to make the appropriate repair and then get right back to the schedule required by this Hospital, are unique and appreciated.

We are working withiu thc most difficult conditions in buildings that are 47 and 78 years old. All the while, the separation of construction and mld patients care and doctors working in the rooms adjoining the construction site, he kept impact on them to a minimum. Importantly, to the Hospital and to patient care, he is always both willing and able to reschedule and direct construction around the rooms adjoining this construction installation site. Mr. Tanico deserves high praise for his effort.
There is no better praise than this; as I will ask he be assigned as Supervisor for the next construction we assign to TRITEC.

His management of the detail of the schedule to completion, the weekly meetings with me and the Hospital team, and the daily construction clean-up routine, Mr Tanico, kept this project flow to a timely completion. Mr Tanico is always willing to accept change and all while the Hospital’s very demanding needs are managed, some time working evenings or weekends.

Thank you to all at TRITEC for your fine work.

Norman Weiner
Project Manager
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital


As our project approaches completion, I would like to thank you and your staff for your efforts in bringing this complex renovation to a successful completion. Renovations are never straight forward and this project certainly had its challenges, but with the expertise of you, Tom and Tim, we were able to work through those challenges in a very cost effective way.

I would like to give special recognition to both Tim and Tom. While filling completely different roles, they worked together to handle all issues as they arose and kept us informed so that we could work with them. The construction business is not easy. Working with subcontractors is not easy, but Tom did a good job in keeping them on our project and Tim did a terrific job in keeping the project moving on a day-to-day basis. They are both very hardworking and dedicated and were a pleasure to work with.

I have said this on other occasions, but what started as a business relationship ended up being both a business relationship and a friendship. We enjoyed working with you and your team and look forward to projects in the future.

Frank D. Dellaquila
Hassel BMW

Marriott_Holtsville_EntranceI am writing to thank the entire TRITEC team for your exceptional performance in the delivery of our new hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn in Holtsville, Long Island.

Since the day we opened in May 2004, the comments from our Marriott colleagues and guests have been overwhelming. From the Gatehouse (lobby) finishes to the attention to detail throughout the units, the TRITEC team exceeded our expectations in nearly every way.

As you know, we had a tight budget and only 11 months to complete the 124 room hotel in a challenging entitlement and oversight environment. The TRITEC team was instrumental in shepherding us through the complex approval process with the Town and Suffolk County. We are thrilled that we opened on time and under the GMP.

Even after we opened, Frank Gray, your superintendent , stayed on the job for another month attending to every detail that came up and was instrumental in ramping up our own management team with respect to all engineering and equipment operations.

There is no better barometer to our collective success than the fact that we have asked TRITEC to construct a second hotel for us on Long Island.

Thanks for a great performance.

Mark Stebbins
S & S Hotels


Our long term relationship with TRITEC has resulted in projects that come in under budget and are consistently delivered in a time frame that our industry does not believe is possible. When you trust a contractor and work as a team you get great projects.

Russ Mitchell
Mitchells Family of Stores

UFCW_Exterior-300x187I am writing this letter regarding TRITEC’s on the UFCW Local l500 Building Project for which my company is acting as the Owner’s Representative.

I have been particularly impressed by their meticulous attention to detail and their genuine concern with regard to my client’s budgetary requirements.

I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at TRITEC and I can honestly say that their level of professionalism throughout all phases of the project have been nothing less than exemplary.

Len Goldstein
LGI Design

5Towns_AerialI would like you to know how delightful it was to work with Bob Carnevalle past several years in connection with the construction of the Five Towns College Living/Learning Center.

Not only does Bob possess an incredible range of professional knowledge and expertise, but he has an affable demeanor that makes working with him a pleasure. Even during the most difficult phases of construction, Bob demonstrated strong leadership skills and an incredible responsiveness to the vast array of constituents on this campus. Indeed, there were many times when he orchestrated an army of contractors and subcontractors, while simultaneously addressing the concerns of senior College officials and demanding students alike.

I recall one particularly challenging phase when we unexpectedly faced the possibility of stop-work order that would result in a protracted construction delay. Bob moved quickly to marshal all of the resources necessary to button button-up our project in record time before the order was served, thereby protecting our substantial investment and the integrity of the construction already in progress. After the injunction was lifted, the College’s losses were significantly reduced because of Bob’s experience and fast thinking.

Bob was a positive force on this campus for so many years, that most campus constituents thought he worked for the College. “Bob the Builder” we call him. Many students and faculty members were surprised when construction began to wrap-up and Bob began transitioning to other Tritec projects. He may not be with us everyday, but the residence halls that have his imprimatur will stand for generations as a testament to his contributions to this campus community.

David M. Cohen
Vice President and Provost
Five Towns College

SMSC-attrium-3I am writing this letter to advise you that as Vice President of the Facilities Dept. for SMSC, I have been engaged with TRITEC Building Co., Inc. since we began our Expansion Project at our 80 Arkay Dr. facility in Hauppauge, NY. From our initial introductory meeting to the present, I have felt that TRITEC is an organization that has assembled a group of professionals to deal with every aspect of a building project. They have a positive “can do” attitude at all times. They have assembled a first rate team of design groups and construction contractors for our project. Their project administration and documentation is thorough and efficient. They have worked with our own team and me at SMSC to understand our needs and wishes. We have developed budgets and schedules that are realistic.

Based upon our present status more than halfway through the construction phase, I anticipate that we will complete our project on time and within budget.

I personally recommend them and I would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have regarding my experiences working with TRITEC.

Francis G. Postel
Divisional Vice President

mitchels-mens-atriumCongratulations on the successful completion of the Mitchells store. It was such a pleasure to have worked with you, both as team members and as friends. I think all of our hard work and dedication reflects in the finished product. Your dedication to the job helped get this project done on schedule and your devotion to the profession made a difference where it counts, in the details. I appreciate your sensitivity to design issues and keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

You have a good crew (especially Bob “the builder” Castonguay). They were focused and motivated, which is something hard to be all the time. You should be rightfully proud of them and your accomplishments.

We look forward to working with you and the TRITEC team on future successful endeavors.

Anthony J Simon
R.CERETTI & Associates, Inc.

8454638682_8fe5a04d9eOn behalf of the parish community of St. Matthew, I would like to commend the expertise, cooperation, dedication and loyalty, which Mr. Kevin Woods and the TRITEC team demonstrated in building and coordinating our Parish Center.

Whenever there was a concern that was out of the ordinary, Mr. Woods was extremely responsive to our needs. If there was something that he believed needed to be completed, he was always ready to step into the void to make certain that the entire project was completed in an appropriate manner.

Throughout the entire building project, TRITEC had an appropriate balance between the tradesmen, the builder and the client. This is a difficult balance to keep but Mr. Woods was able to meld these different points of view to a meaningful conclusion.

Please accept our sincere thanks for having placed this fine young man at our construction site. I would also like to recommend Mr. Woods as a supervisor of any of your major projects. Mr. Woods has been above all trustworthy and honest in all his dealings.

Very truly yours,
Msgr. Saverio C Mattei, Pastor


I thought it would be appropriate to write and let you know how pleased we are with the quality work at our Hauppauge facility. Thanks to TRITEC’s ability to produce an excellent product and meet schedules, the Bank will be opening our new branch on time, which is May 22, 2003 with a formal opening date of June 12,2003.

My complements to Vinny and his team for all their efforts and thank you for delivering what you promised!

A. Weaver
Executive Vice President
Suffolk County National Bank

Suffolk_Plastic_SurgeryAs you know, we were quite please to have worked with Tim Browne on our recent building project in the Stony Brook Technology Centerk. Tim was reliable, honest, hard working and most conscientious. His efforts greatly facilitated our progress and our building was completed within the anticipated framework. I consider Tim to be an asset to TRITEC, and I am assured that his work will continue to enhance your reputation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

Hilton C. Adler, M.D., FACS
Suffolk Plastic Surgery


I would like to thank you and the entire TRITEC team for the outstanding job done on the Anorad Brookhaven Facility. It was a real pleasure dealing with TRITEC, from site selection, through the design phase, construction, to move in. It was imperative that the facility be designed and built in time for Anorad to occupy before the end of it’s fiscal year, September 31, 2002 without sacrificing the quality of the project in any way. This was a tall order given that ground breaking took place in mid-February of 2002. TRITEC rose to the occasion and Anorad was able to occupy the facility just 7 short months after breaking ground and moved in on September 20, 2002.

TRITEC’s expertise in managing projects of this scope and magnitude was clear from the start. Even with the tight time frame and the resulting pressures on all to perform, TRITEC’s position was always to do the right job so as to end up with a product with which Anorad would be pleased. In most instances I found TRITEC’s standards for workmanship to exceed my own and this made my role as project manager for Anorad a real pleasure.

From the start Anorad demanded a facility that was state-of-the-art in the Precision Motion Industry, that would convey that message to our customers and would be a competitive advantage in our market place. The resulting 130,000 square foot engineering, development and manufacturing facility is a home run in all these regards and more. I would be pleased to serve as a reference for TRITEC Building Company and would be happy to respond to any inquiries on the Anorad Brookhaven Facility Project.

David J. Cordts
Vice President

TWA Flight 800 Memorial

On behalf of the Families of TWA Flight 800, Eleanor and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for all you have done to breath life into our Memorial dream. Without your help, I don’t know how the Flight 800 Memorial would ever have been created.

We appreciate that this project presented very unique and significant challenges and are grateful to you for your considerable expertise, your quiet professional strength, and your steadfast commitment. It is not surprising that, under your leadership, TRITEC’s construction division is so successful.

Again, we want to thank you and your staff for your kindness, considerable talents, and perseverance with our Memorial project. We especially appreciate your making Frank Gray available to help us. He was terrific, a very effective professional and a compassionate and understanding person. It was an honor for us to meet and work with all the folks in your organization.

I look forward to seeing vou again, and thanking you in person. Meanwhile, know that are often in our thoughts and always remembered in warm regard.

John L. Seaman
Eleanor L. Seaman

Families of TWA Flight 800 Association