General Construction

TRITEC offers general contracting services for the traditional design/bid/build delivery method.

This method is a linear process in which the owner contracts an architectural-engineering design team to complete plans and specifications, which are then sent to TRITEC. As general contractor, TRITEC solicits bids from subcontractors and provides a stipulated construction cost to the owner. Upon award, TRITEC is responsible for coordination and construction of the project.

General Contracting Organizational Chart

Design Build

TRITEC hires an architectural-engineering team to design the project, which TRITEC then constructs and delivers to the owner under a single contract.

Through its many relationships with premier architectural and engineering firms, TRITEC contracts an A/E team to program, design, and provide construction documents for the project that TRITEC then builds.

Based upon criteria prepared in conjunction with the owner and the design drawings provided by the A/E team, TRITEC provides a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) early in the project. TRITEC’s A/E team develops final drawings to complete the design and obtain permits, while staying within the GMP. TRITEC then handles trade subcontractor awards and coordinates construction.

Design-build services generally lead to easier, more efficient, quicker, and less costly projects than do other processes. The design and construction staffs work together as a single team and the timetable is expedited, as construction can proceed in one area of a project while other areas are still being designed.

Construction Mgmt At Risk

The success of the project is established during the first meetings, and maintained throughout by communication and documentation.

TRITEC acts as consultant to the owner in the development and design phases and as the general contractor during construction.

With this method, the construction manager commits to deliver the project within a guaranteed maximum price (in most cases), and the owner is able to hire construction professionals prior to the completion of design and bidding documents.

Being a part of the project early in the process allows TRITEC to coordinate with the design team while providing cost estimating, scheduling, construction logistics, and value engineering. This gives the owner a realistic budget while considering financing options. Once the owner approves the budget, TRITEC manages the bidding and awards process to subcontractors and coordinates constructions.

Construction Management Org Chart

This method often results in better budget management. TRITEC is involved before the design of a project is completed, which allows estimates to influence the project scope. Decisions can be made to modify the design concept, instead of having to spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and money redesigning and/or modifying completed construction documents.

TRITEC's design and construction professionals assure our clients that their program, budget and schedule will be maintained, and that the sensitivity and respect for the architect's design and vision is upheld, throughout the preconstruction process.

Agency Construction Mgmt

TRITEC acts as the owner's principal agent, offering advice uncolored by conflicting interest.

TRITEC can provide comprehensive management of every stage, beginning with the original concept and project definition. This yields the greatest possible benefit to owners, as the construction manager’s ability to reduce costs diminishes as a project proceeds.

As the owner’s representative, TRITEC can help select the design and construction teams and manage the design. This prevents scope creep, helping the owner stay within budget by performing value engineering, cost/benefit analysis, and best-value comparisons.

Agency Construction Management Organization Chart