Pre Construction

The success of a project starts during the first meetings when defining its objectives, and is assured throughout by communication and documentation. With input from the architect and the owner, TRITEC develops a defined scope of work, outlining cost parameters and scheduling criteria.

TRITEC‚ design and construction professionals coordinate services and keep clients involved and informed during the entire process. Key elements that TRITEC provides during the preconstruction stage include:

  • Preconstruction services manual
  • Constructability review at milestone submissions
  • Value engineering
  • Project schedule
  • Cost estimate
  • Subcontract bidding
  • Submission and tracking of permitting process with government agencies

Post Construction

When construction is completed, TRITEC‚ work continues. TRITEC professionals facilitate a smooth transfer into the owner‚ possession, making sure the project‚ not simply the building‚comes to a satisfactory conclusion.

TRITEC typical post-construction services include:

  • Maintenance manuals and operating procedures
  • Spare parts and warranties
  • Final permits
  • Move-in and startup activities
  • Contract closeout and closeout report


Regardless of delivery method, TRITEC‚ success in providing commercial construction services stems from a hands-on, detail-driven process that provides each client single-point accountability. This process is designed to ensure timely completion of the project, within the budget and in conformance with all contract requirements.

To effectively accomplish these objectives, TRITEC provides:

  • Schedule information
  • Contract price breakdown
  • Manpower utilization plans
  • Technical submittals