Have Fun, Win, Be Nice

August 05 Mary Brigid Coughlan

TRITEC has been a major part of my life ever since I can remember. From attending the annual "Christmas Party" each December, to volunteering at Montauk We Hope, I have been around this company constantly for the past nineteen years. However, it was not until this past summer that I actually understood what my dad, uncles, grandfather, and their colleagues do on a day-to-day basis and the true impact that this company is making on the world.

After fully participating in the company this summer, TRITEC’s motto, "Have fun, win, be nice", is no longer just something that sits on the back of a TRITEC T-shirt, but is something that I actually understand.

"Have fun" is short for the statement: "Have fun working in a family oriented business environment." Nothing valuable can be attained if you aren’t enjoying the process. The positive energy from every employee, contagious laughter from the office next door, or even the parties in the office before each holiday shows that work actually can be fun. With each employee excited about not just his or her own work, but TRITEC’s work as a whole, it shows that close-knit "familial" (literally and figuratively) relationship that TRITEC prides itself on.

"Win" no longer just means coming in first place at TRITEC’s annual "Montauk We Hope" bike race for charity, but actually stands for one of the company’s goals: "Grow our company by exceeding the expectations of our employees and customers." By enjoying the process and treating each other like family, everyone at TRITEC is motivated to give their best effort in creating the finest product for TRITEC to put it’s name on. Since the company can only grow from being successful, it is crucial that the company meets, if not surpasses, all of its employees and clients wants and/or needs. That "winning" mentality can be seen in the late nights, early mornings, or intense conferences calls that I see each member at the office going through on a daily basis, purely to benefit the company.

Finally, the "Be Nice" portion of the motto represents "Creating value by providing quality service profitably and with integrity." No value is created if it is not done with meaning and honesty. This again can relate to the "familial" feel within the company itself, and the trust that lies within families. By facing challenges with honesty and integrity, the company has grown not only larger, but tighter as a community as well.

After just about ten weeks of interning at TRITEC, doing both analytical research for the TRITEC Development Group, as well as working for the Marketing and P.R. Department, I have grown to learn that each employee at TRITEC lives out each step of the this motto everyday that they walk in to the office. The positive energy, excitement and motivation for work, and team dynamic within the company is overwhelmingly apparent. This summer has fully opened my eyes to a valuable feature of real estate development, and a company that has been a major part of my life for the past nineteen years.

Have fun working in a family oriented business environment.
Grow our company by exceeding the expectations of our employees and customers.
Create value by providing quality service profitably and with integrity.
(Have fun, win, be nice)