Long Island is a great home for hotels

July 24 Elizabeth Coughlan

Long Island has breathtaking beaches, numerous golf courses and world-renowned wineries. It is the perfect destination for your next vacation, whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, taking in the gorgeous scenery, playing golf, or spending a day tasting local wines. What’s more, families can enjoy the amusement parks that Long Island has to offer, such as Splish Splash or Adventure Land. Whatever activities you prefer doing, Long Island has it all!

The Hamptons has stunning beaches, tasty restaurants, great shopping and are excluded from the busy hustle of daily life. Fire Island, Jones Beach, and Lido Beach are along the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. They attract many visitors yearly. Long Island has over 40 winery’s, rated in 2014 as one of the best wine regions in the world. The East End wine region generates 1.2 million visitors yearly and if you enjoy golfing there are 145 golf courses stretching throughout Long Island.

Long Island accounted for nearly 12% of NY’s Gross State Product, 1,350,286,000,000 in February of 2015 making it a desirable location for businesses. T Hospitality is a top rated employment field on Long Island that generated $5.4 billion in 2013. Employment rates are also increasing in April 2015 the Department of Labor said 1,384.9 (in thousands) were employed. The market rate for hospitality is improving, according to the Smith Travel Research Report, “Rates are up nearly 5 percent for Long Island as a whole – 5.8 percent of Nassau County and 3.7 percent in Suffolk.” Making the Island the ideal place for tourists and businesses to thrive.

Long Island is a great destination for your next hospitality project. TRITEC has built 12 hotels on the Island, including Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, and Residence Inn, as well as Homewood Suites, which offers long-term stay accommodations. TRITEC has over 20 years of experience in this field and can offer consultation in areas ranging from site selection to construction techniques so as to ensure that every component, every fit, and every finish of the project is of the highest quality.