Impact of the Hauppauge Sewer

July 21 Tritec

Sewage Treatment Plants

A sewage treatment plant that connects several buildings to one source isn’t just economically beneficial, but environmentally as well. Additional sewage capacity allows companies to use new processes, which may have not been available to them when they had restrictions on wastewater discharge. Being that water is one of Long Island’s most precious natural resources, it is crucial that we protect it. Nassau County has already made leaps, in that its two sewage treatment plants collect 85% of the county’s sewage. Suffolk County, however, only has 20% of its sewage hooked up to treatment plants.

The implementation of sewage treatment plants will remove hundreds of septic systems, which leads to a major positive impact on Long Island’s groundwater quality. In addition, fewer pollutants will be released into our groundwater, and money will be saved in the construction and maintenance of smaller, private cesspools.

 Hauppauge Industrial Park

Being that the Hauppauge Industrial Park is the second largest park in the nation, occupies 1,400 acres, currently has 1,600 companies and employs over 55,000 people, it is certain that it should be given attention. Since about 70% of the total assessed value of industrial property in Hauppauge (about $19.6 million) comes from the park alone, the government has recently provided funds to make this great industrial park even greater.

Previously, only about half of the buildings in the park were connected to the sewage plant, which treated about 450,000 gallons of water per day. Since the $27 million upgrade and expansion of the park’s sewage system, it can now treat 1.65 million gallons per day, and serves nearly 400 parcels (as compared to 149). With this increased wastewater treatment capacity more businesses in the park are able to expand, which brings about more jobs and economic development.

An example of this economic growth is the new zoning permits that were available to the park after the sewage system was built. The Town of Smithtown planning officials established new zoning that allows for taller buildings, parking garages, and outside storage within the park, all thanks to the addition of the Hauppauge sewer. These changes enable increased density and will likely attract tenants from a larger pool of companies. These new permits would not have been possible without the new sewage system, being that the buildings can now handle a lot more than they did before.

In addition to the new sewer system and zoning permits, other changes have come to the park as well. This June, LIPA began using the Hauppauge Industrial Park to launch a new program to test the effectiveness of smart meters. These meters, which are equipped with computer chips, provide fifty Hauppauge businesses in the park to track how they are using their power throughout the day. This allows businesses within the park to be more mindful of their energy use.

Finally, a newly federally funded study suggested new traffic signals and road widening to help aid in transportation around/within the park. Currently, further federal funding is being sought to pursue the study’s recommended actions.

In conclusion        

With the new investments in the park, much more is possible. The expanded sewer system isn’t just beneficial for the environment, but has allowed for the expansion of businesses both physically and economically. The buildings within the park are now more sanitary, environmentally friendly, and contain more possibilities for growth and development. With the immense federal funding and attention given to the park, actions intended to help transportation within the area are promising and will be extremely beneficial.

Different offices within the park also include amenities that any business would enjoy. For example, the office space on <a href=””>49 Wireless Blvd
</a> has a full service café, conference center, vending room, mail room, Light path Fiber, tenant controlled HVAC & electric and a professional management company. In addition, outside of the well lit and soothing colors within the office space sit large lawns, an outdoor eating area, bike racks and showers for tenant use. With the new possibilities available for spaces that are already full of great amenities, it is time to consider a move to the Hauppauge Industrial Park.