Opportunity Knocks for Long Island Job Seekers

June 25 Tritec

At the Choice Job Fair on June 25th 2015, at the Melville Marriot on Long Island N.Y. 33 companies were in attendance, as well as a hefty amount of potential employees. Upon first arriving at the fair the line of registered attendees were wrapped along the walls of the hotel, with so many people in attendance the venue was not large enough to support everyone entering at the same time. The Choice Manager for Long Island; who runs job fairs every other month advertises that the main goal of the fair is to connect Long Island’s workforce with hiring employers.  

With so many people in attendance at the June 25th fair the manager had a struggle to make sure the companies and the potential employees were catered to. He said that this month was the largest turn out that they have seen so far, and that he only hopes that Long Island will benefit from the events that he is hosting. While many people were ages 35-45 the companies and the event encourages people all ages to come. Not only seasoned workers but young professionals will find that networking and starting the career hunting process by speaking one on one to a company representative will certainly become valuable. Gaining insight and learning key tips from large companies at these job fairs is information a recent college graduate should not pass up. Despite the crowds, a job fair is a great venue to network with tons of people from employers to peers from all around Long Island. With so many attendees the fair was a great success and there are high expectations for the next one, on August 13th also hosted at the Melville Marriot. The Choice manager is anticipating just as many companies to be in attendance for the August fair, and is planning to attract just as many potential employees.

As with all career fairs dress for success, bring multiple copies of your updated resume, and be prepared to network. After you have met with the potential employers it is beneficial to connect with the companies on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Following the companies benefits both parties, they as a company have a chance to expand and communicate with their audience. Through social media potential employees get a chance to gain insight on what their new employer is about. Connecting on social media sites allows you to view biographies, photos, projects, and current topics that are relevant to the business. It can help you become better prepared when you’re researching them, or to decide if the company really does make a good fit.

According to the National Business Research Institute, about 50% of large companies and 75% of small ones are using social media of all types. Of those, it is estimated that 40-60% have their own social network. Microsoft has the Town Square, IBM the Blue Pages, and Best Buy the Blue Shirt Nation. With so many companies with an interactive online presence, it’s easier than ever to connect with the employers you really want to work for, and that alone can contribute to your success.