Know your farmer, your neighbor and your food. Why shop at a farmer’s market?

June 13 Tritec

One of the goals of the New Village at Patchogue is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to engage residents in the community. The Farmer’s Market series this summer does just that. Long Island farmers, and local small business come out every Saturday to sell their goods. Locals are encouraged to spend Saturday strolling around outside shopping compared to inside at a grocery store. The produce is fresh and the goods are tasty, affordable and promote a healthy lifestyle. Farmer’s markets are great for community building becoming the heart and body of a neighborhood with lively, and inviting interaction. The New Village farmer’s market is uniquely Patchogue because it is where local culture and flavors meet metropolitan style and amenities.
The Farmer’s Market plays along with the notion of establishing an active and engaging way of life that New Village is encouraging. The mix-use development is uniquely positioned in a walk able community includes a fully equipped fitness center, weekly yoga and Zumba classes, and swimming pool. Residents are able to engage in a workout and then purchase fresh produce all within their community. Farmer’s Market’s offer the option for farmers and locals to become educated on nutrition, cooking and health. Markets are great for residents to become full emerged in the New Village lifestyle.
Markets are great not only for the residents and locals, but also as a way of sparking urban revitalization. The selection of produce continually expands throughout the season and the market has a selection of prepackaged locally made artisanal foods. A successful market is great for the community developing relationships and fostering a healthy, active and engaging life for residents of Patchogue.