Brookhaven Hospital gets a new soul

June 14 Constantine Gregoire

TRITEC took part in a groundbreaking ceremony on June 13th for lobby renovations at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center. The renovation is composed of three construction phases. The first of these phases is focusing on the entrance driveway to the hospital and lobby located just inside the front door. The hospital authorities have been toying with the idea of getting the driveway sealcoated using the services of Gettysberg Sealcoating (you can click here to learn more about GETTYSBURG SEALCOATING SERVICES). Following its completion, a gift shop and new set of bathroom facilities just off the front lobby. Finally, the project will conclude with a redesign of the main hallways leading away from the lobby area.

This 4,268 sq. ft. project will revitalize the experience for all the hospital’s patients, visitors, and employees. At the groundbreaking, Alex Badalamenti, AIA, the ‎President of bld architecture, described the new Knapp Cardiac Care Center as “the heart of the hospital.” He hoped the new entrance would become “the soul of the building.” Badalamenti also spoke to the importance of the hospital’s community role. Hospital president and CEO, Richard Margulis referenced the Brookhaven’s vision statement and how this addition will help to reaffirm the hospital’s commitment to the community. BMH_Lobby_presentation_161208.pdf

The lobby renovation will be the first on-campus project TRITEC has built for the Hospital, but the two organizations have completed multiple projects together in the past. Most recently TRITEC completed MyHealth a Primary Care Facility in New Village at Patchogue and a Primary Care Facility in Bellport.

The overall design of the lobby interiors will be a timeless homage to Long Island using materials that elicit thoughts of the beach. Inside the lobby areas with less permanent fixtures trendy colors, furniture, and design are used to make the hospital interiors more contemporary. The renovations are not just cosmetic; the modernization includes installation of an ice melt system, alterations of existing electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sprinkler, fire alarms, and upgrades of finishes to three existing elevators.

On the exterior of the building, the scope of work includes removal and replacement of existing asphalt, curbs and sidewalks at existing entrance loop. To complete the renovation TRITEC will construct a new vestibule with all new storefront glass.

The project is expected to be complete in approximately 20 weeks.

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