Have fun, Win, Be nice with Alex Flobeck

August 10 Alex Flobeck

I recently had the pleasure of interning at TRITEC Real Estate Company. It was a great experience where I learned about development, construction and what TRITEC actually does. My preconception of an intern was someone who sat at a desk doing all of the nonsense work no one else wants to do. I thought I would be required to run to get coffee for the employees all day. During my internship, I actually felt that I was apart of the company and that my opinion was valued.

My time at TRITEC was spent working with Christopher Kelly in the marketing department. I was given the opportunity to sit in on meetings, visit job sites and meet wonderful individuals who care so much about the well being of the company. When I received the email introducing the guidelines of this internship I remember seeing the motto or slogan at the bottom, “Have Fun, Win, Be Nice.” It did not take long for me to fully understand what the motto actually means and how the company and the employees operate on a day-to-day basis.

The segment of the motto, “Have fun,” stands for having fun working in a family oriented business environment. “Win” means to “grow our company by exceeding expectations of our employees and customers.” Lastly, “Be Nice,” represents “creating value by providing quality service, profitably and with integrity.” I now not only understand what the motto means, but I actually watched the employees live up to this motto; inspiring me to personally live by the motto.

The experience I had at TRITEC was unforgettable, as were the people. I have never seen such a great group of people in a working environment before. Walking through the hallways at TRITEC, you can hear people getting along, telling funny jokes to one another and being productive. Overall it is just a great company to be a part of and this experience has taught me that work actually can be enjoyable. Not only does TRITEC have fun working with everyone but they are incredibly nice and willing to give their all in order for the company to succeed and win.