TWA Flight 800 Memorial

The loss of TWA Flight 800 off the south shore of Long Island was a terrible tragedy for those involved. TRITEC Building Company, Inc. donated construction management services to the development of the Memorial. TRITEC believes that providing for public benefit to address a tragedy or assist those less fortunate is an essential part of being a good citizen and conducting business in a community.
Project Size:
Contact: TWA Flight 800 Association, Inc.
Architect:David D. Busch

The TWA Flight 800 Memorial project faced a series of difficulties including site selection, site preparation, sensitivity to family members and loved ones and concluding the project in a timely manner but more importantly in a way that created the requisite dignity and solemnity of such a project. TRITEC Building Company, Inc. contributed its time and skill as construction manager, to manage the project through final design, construction and delivery.