Orthopedic Associates of Long Island

Orthopedic Associates of Long Island (OALI) aims to provide the highest quality, comprehensive orthopedic and musculoskeletal care to patients throughout Long Island and particularly Suffolk County. OALI offices are located in 6 Technology Drive, a building developed, constructed and managed by TRITEC.
Project Size:13,000 sq. ft.
Location:6 Technology Drive East Setauket 11733

TRITEC acted as the construction manager for the medical office renovation and expansion of the Orthopedic Associates of Long Island. The renovation consisted of interior demolition, structural, carpentry, finishes and mechanical, electrical, plumbing modifications to the lower level and first floor of the building. The project included the creation of an MRI suite that required considerable structural changes to support the weight of the new MRI machine. The 1st floor concrete decking was cut out for the entire MRI room and new structural steel was put in place to hold the weight of the 12” thick concrete slab. Six new columns were installed in the basement, which required new footing for the columns had to be cut into the basement slab. To get the machine into the building a 10’ x 10’ roof hatch had to be put installed so that the MRI could be swung in by overhead crane installation procedure which was a whole thing in itself. In order to install the roof hatch 2 40’ long steel beams were placed into the existing steel roof structure. The hatch will remain in place in case anything ever happens to the MRI and it has to come out. The installation of the new columns and beams in an existing space meant relocating of existing infrastructure, which included electrical lights, conduits, panels, water main, fire sprinkler mains and heads, and IT wires. Because the job required a significant amount of cutting and structural work it was done off hours so not to disturb the existing tenants and OALI could remain open during construction.

The results of the construction include dozens of new workstations in the lower level, new exam rooms, and a new MRI suite. The lobby for the MRI suite is beautifully appointed with wood finishes and red accent walls.