Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar

TRITEC completed construction of 7,600 sq. ft. of retail space for Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar at 1 West Main Street in Patchogue, New York. Located in New Village, a 291 Unit Mixed-Use project developed and constructed by TRITEC, in the heart of the Village of Patchogue; the Patchogue Arooga’s features more than 100 TVs offering nearly every sports package available. Arooga’s has a diverse menu featuring fresh, made to order items created with high quality ingredients, which include many organic and gluten free options. The equally impressive bar features handcrafted cocktails made with real fruit juices and premium spirits, as well as 47 beers on draft, including national and local craft favorites.
Project Size:7,600 sq. ft.
Location:1 West Main Street, Patchogue New York
Contact: JAG LLC
Architect:AZ Design Services, LLC. and Mancini Architecture PLLC

The quality of life for the residents above is of premium importance for any space built in a mixed-use development. All work was completed during normal business hours with no late night or weekend construction. Sound insulation of 1-1/2” was installed in the ceiling to prevent the noise from traveling to the residential tenants above.

The restaurant is built on a Post Tension (PT) slab, which meant x-raying the slab prior to core drilling holes for plumbing and electrical requirements. Layouts had to be revised due to a PT slab tendon located where a plumbing waste pipe needed to be. The space also had two elevation changes, the first one (10”) was between the bar and seating areas, the second (3”) was in the middle of the kitchen. The larger grade change was addressed with a ramp. The kitchen was more challenging as it could not be handled with a ramp and deemed too heavy for light weight concrete. The space was then designed with 2” wooden sleepers, foam, plywood and a self-leveling product.

TRITEC managed a tight work schedule with no opportunities for any off hour work. The space would have been delivered on time had it not been for an unfortunate accident in which a car crashed through the front of the building. As soon as the building was deemed to have no significant structural damage work resumed to repair the building’s façade and complete Arooga’s interior space. This final delivery was only 10 days behind schedule.