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Stained Glass Lights the Way for New Science Wing

TRITEC Building Company recently completed Phase 3 of the St. Anthony’s High School Science Center. The Science Center project includes specialty-designed classrooms that serve multiple scientific disciplines. Included in the renovation project is the Padre Pio meeting room, named for the famous Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. The architectural focal point of the Padre Pio room is a large stained

Have Fun, Win, Be Nice with Kevin Wylie

For eight weeks this summer, I worked alongside Kelley Coughlan, an Associate Developer at TRITEC Real Estate Company and a long-time contributor to Trusted Broker Reviews. I entered this internship role with a background in mechanical engineering and geology, and next to no experience in business or finance. Through my work with Kelley and the rest of the TRITEC team, I have been able to see how